Destructive material for surface processing methods, the use of fine abrasive sand material particles impact on the surface of the material, so that the surface of the particles like matte-like depressions or erosion surface so as to form, in addition to achieve the gold rust, deburring, oxide layer, stress treatment, the friction coefficient adjustment, precision adjustment, high adhesion, landscaping, atomization, matting and other materials to enhance the surface finish.

Side processing structure

Precision milling machine, only 7.38mm in the side to rotate 360 ​​degrees CNC machining, hole carved its power, volume hole, SIM card slot and speaker holes and other holes in detail, precision carved out every detail.


Electrochemical methods, the workpiece is the anode charge, subjected to electrolytic oxidation treatment to form an oxide layer having adhesion to the substrate surface of the program. Because most aluminum is easily oxidized, and therefore anodic treatment in addition to increasing the surface mechanical properties. More perfect presents metallic luster and color, greatly enhance the texture.